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Spicy Foods Linked to Longevity

Spicy Korean Pork

Spicy Korean Pork

If like me, you love spicy foods you have no doubt read various
reports linking the eating of spicy foods to longevity.

This was a proper study undertaken in China and involved nearly half a million people aged between the ages of 30 and 79 years who consumed spicy food frequently.

A little further research and I found the actual paper which for me makes really interesting reading and reaffirms my love of spicy food can only be a good thing. If you too would like to read the results of this research, click here.

So having read this I will continue adding spice to my meals from a chilli or two in stews and curries to drizzling hot sauce over
scrambled eggs for breakfast and anything that takes my fancy.

Some recipes using chilli you might like to try:

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