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Cooking Down the Kitchen, Moving & Taking a Break


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It’s been 18 months since we sold our home of nearly 10 years and in that time we have been living in a studio apartment with most of our belongings in storage, but we will be moving into our new home sometime in the next few weeks.

So I am busy cooking down the kitchen (using as much food as I can so I don’t have to move it) and packing up our few belongings which include a few more cookbooks than the three I chose not to put into storage!

We have built a new home and no it hasn’t taken us 18 months to build the house, we have just had a few hiccups along the way which includes the place in which we have been living being sold and us having to move out about a week before we are can move into our new home!

So I have decided between cooking down the kitchen, moving from here and moving into our new home that Rachel’s Kitchen is taking a bit of break, so for the rest of November you won’t be seeing much activity here, but I will back in December with some great ideas and recipes for the holiday season.

And, remember if you are looking for dinner inspiration you can
always search Rachel’s Kitchen.

Happy cooking and eating.


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