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Cold Brew, Flat White or Chocolate Milk?

Cold Drinks MultiaIn recent months, two boutique Hawke’s Bay companies have added their ready-to-drink beverages to chillers around the Bay.

Coffee lovers are probably aware of cold brew coffee – this is where coffee is steeped in cold water for at least 12 hours. As the coffee is steeped in cold water it does not have the bitterness of hot coffee which has either been poured over ice or chilled after making and as such is a delicious summer drink either chilled and drunk as is, with milk added and other iced coffee ingredients that take your fancy.

If is easy enough to make your own cold brew coffee, but it does take at least 12 hours so when I saw that Al Borrie of Fristhand
Coffee had done all the work for me I was thrilled.

The Firsthand Coffee Cold Brew is a blend of coffee from Brazil and Guatemala which is batch brewed for 12 hours to make a refreshing delicate drink, low in acidity with crisp clean flavours. Another way to enjoy Cold Brew is to mix it with mineral or soda water, I find about a fifty/fifty mixture makes a very refreshing drink. Cold Brew is certainly my choice for a cooling drink on a hot, summer’s day.

Sitting alongside Cold Brew is Flat White and as the name implies this is a milky coffee which combines Firsthand Coffee with Origin Earth Milk and a touch of Hawke’s Bay honey to make a refreshing iced coffee which is ready drink.

Cold Brew and Flat White are available in 300mL bottles in fridges at selected outlets including The Box in Clive and Crazy Good in Ahuriri.

Third on the list is Origin Earth’s Chocolate Milk which combines their Hawke’s Bay cows’ milk with organic and fair trade chocolate and cocoa powder from Hawke’s Bay chocolatier La Petite Chocolat, then adds a dash of Hawke’s Bay honey and a drop of Heilala vanilla extract and like their milk it is not homogenised, just pasteurised, and there are no thickeners, emulsifiers, milk powders, additives or stabilisers.

With just 5.24g fat and 5.74g sugar per 100mL it is also considerably lower in these two components than other similar products on the market.

Look for Origin Earth Chocolate Milk everywhere you would
normally buy their whole cows’ milk or at coffee shops that use their milk.

So here in Hawke’s Bay we have an interesting range of cold
beverages to quench our summer thirst.

Happy cooking and eating.

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The Box & Crazy Good

Box & Crazy GoodbWe have been lucky enough to have The Box in Clive for a few years and now the people of Ahuriri have Crazy Good, its sister.

Box - pavement signWhile The Box is a converted shipping container, sitting it would seem almost in the middle of nowhere – next to a service station and
surrounded by used cars for sale – Crazy Good occupies a shop space and like The Box fits into its space serving coffee to those who frequent the area.

Box - opening hoursBox - price listCoffee lovers living in Clive or those who travel SH2 (what I always call ‘the coast’ road between Hastings and Napier) will be familiar with The Box and will no doubt stop there for their coffee fix.

The Box is essentially a takeaway coffee shop with a clientele that ranges from tradesmen, reps, mums on the go, school kids and those that commute between the Bay’s twin cities. At any time you call in the mix of people waiting for their coffee is diverse and it makes you realise just have our coffee culture in New Zealand has developed over the last 30 years.

Crazy Good - foodaLike The Box, Crazy Good uses Firsthand Coffee and Origin Earth milk, but unlike The Box there is also a selection of Ya Bon breads and pastries and All Good Organics sodas.

Crazy Good - price listThe Box, Crazy Good and Firsthand Coffee are the brainchildren of Al Borrie who can often be found manning the coffee machine at The Box.

Crazy Good opened a couple of months ago, but I only called in for the first time a couple of weeks ago and this is definitely where I will be having coffee when I’m in Ahuriri.

The Box
168 Main Rd, Clive
Ph: 06 870 1021
Email: info@boxespresso.co.nz
Open: Monday to Friday, 7am to 4pm; Saturday & Sunday, 8am to 3pm

Crazy Good
87 Bridge St, Ahuriri, Napier
Ph: 06 650 2796
Email: info@crazygood.co.nz
Open: Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm; Saturday 8am to 1pm

The Original Firsthand Coffee Roasting Company
Ph: 0800 939 959
Email: info@firsthandcoffee.com

Happy cooking, eating and coffee drinking.

All food and coffee in this post was independently paid for.

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