Spicy Smoked Fish & Egg Pilaf

Spicy Smoked Fish & Egg Pilaf

This is really just a ramped up kedgeree and I did toss up whether to call it a kedgeree or a pilaf and decided on the latter because of the cooking method. But, if you love kedgeree you will adorn this dish, served with a side of tossed salad leaves it’s the perfect weekend night or makes a great brunch or lunch.

Spicy Smoked Fish & Egg Pilaf

Serves 4

1 onion, diced
vegetable oil
2 tsp garam masala
1 tbsp grated fresh ginger
1 small red chilli, seeded and chopped
3-4 fresh, frozen or dried curry leaves
1 lemon, zest grated, fruit reserved
1 cup brown basmati rice
2 cups chicken stock
600g naturally smoked fish of your choice, skin and bones removed, flesh flaked
2 free-range eggs, hard-boiled, finely chopped
a good handful of coriander, chopped

1              Place onion and a splash of oil in a large frying pan over a
medium heat, cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for 8-10 minutes or until onion is soft and translucent.

2              Add garam masala, ginger, chilli, curry leaves and lemon zest and cook, stirring, for 30-45 minutes or until fragrant.

3              Add rice and mix to coat rice with spice mixture. Stir in stock, cover, bring to simmering and simmer, without stirring, for 25-30 minutes or until rice absorbs the liquid and becomes tender.
Remove pan from heat and allow to stand, covered, for 5 minutes.

4              Add fish, eggs and most of the coriander and toss to
combine. Cover again and let stand for a few minutes longer. Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice and scattered with remaining

Where did the ingredients for this dish come from:
Fish: Tangaroa Seafoods – Napier; Eggs: Verry Eggs – Napier;
Coriander: JJ Organics – Napier; From the garden: lemon; From the freezer: chilli, curry leaves; Store Cupboard Ingredients: vegetable oil, garam masala, ginger, rice, stock.

Note: Many of these producers can be found at the Napier Urban Food Market each Saturday morning and/or at the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’
Market each Sunday morning.

Happy cooking and eating.

Recipe by Rachel Blackmore

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  1. I went to the shops the other day and there was a crazy sale on rice, so I bought a 5kg bag, packed it away in the cupboard and crossed off the shopping list. My house mate didn’t see that I had done the shop and came across the same rice sale, and grabbed another 5kg bag. So I have rice for the next 6 months #doh I shall add this delicious dish to my rish cook list. 🙂

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