Nadia Lim’s Top Five Fats & Oils

Nadia Lim

Since winning the title of Mastechef NZ in 2011 Nadia Lim has gone from strength to strength and we regularly see her on our TV screens, hear her on the radio and read her recipes and articles in various publications.

Nadia is also responsible for ‘My Food Bag’ – this allows you to order a ‘food bag’ which contains seasonal ingredients and recipes for five healthy and delicious dinner meals delivered to your door – this
service is currently available in Auckland, Hamilton, Cambridge
Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

Nadia – The Good Food Cook is her website which as you might expect has a range of healthy and interesting recipes, plus it also is the home of her blog and it was here that I found this really useful article – My (that’s Nadia’s) Favourite Fats & Oils.

I am often asked about how various fats and oils differ and which ones are the best and here in New Zealand in recent weeks there has been much discussion concerning coconut oil – Nadia’s article goes a long way to answering many of the commonly asked
questions – so thanks Nadia.

Happy cooking and eating.

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