My Homemade Caviar

My Homemade CaviarHave you ever made or thought about making your own caviar? Me neither, until the other day when our friend who is a keen trout
fisherman gave us a rainbow trout plus roe.

So, I jumped on Google and found several sites giving instructions on how to make caviar and I couldn’t believe how easy it is. The hardest part is removing the eggs from the skein — the membrane holding them together – then it is simply rinse and brine the eggs. After reading a few of the options I decided to follow this method on a site Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook. As Hank (the hunter, angler,
gardener, cook and writer on this site) says “How could something so mysterious be so easy to create? It didn’t seem fair.”

This is a great site for those who either hunt, fish, garden or are the recipient of those who do.

So what did I do with My Homemade Caviar? The morning after I made it I saw that JJ Organics have their special new potatoes
available – they are always the very first and are grown on a north facing slope that doesn’t get frost. So, it was boiled new potatoes with crème fraîche topped with caviar.

Boiled new potatoes topped crème fraîche and

Boiled new potatoes with crème fraîche topped with homemade caviar

I am also going to make a French Omlette and fill it with crème fraîche and caviar – I think that sounds rich, but luxurious.

Happy cooking and eating.

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7 thoughts on “My Homemade Caviar”

  1. This is revolutionary, I’m so sorry I have been so slack lately, but I’m dating a new guy… And this is what happens, I missed out on how to make my own caviar… I can not wait to try this… so excited… Now to find some time to catch up on all the other post 🙂
    Liz xxx
    Elizabeth recently posted…Baked Arancini BallsMy Profile

  2. Whaaat?! This is a thing? I never ever would have considered it something I could make for myself.

    I remember when I was working in London, couldn’t afford to eat much outside of baked beans and 2min noodles. Anyways, I went to a New Year Eve party and they were serving the stuff like it was candy at Halloween, it was so extravagant and fancy, I wonder now if it was something they made?

    Looking forward to trying my hand at this recipe Rachel. 🙂
    Anna @ shenANNAgans recently posted…The Lazy Baker’s Guide to Choc Malt Milkshake MacaronsMy Profile

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